Friday, February 18, 2011

Hot Links for Vegetable Gardening Class.

Here is the post harvest handling link referenced in class
Here is the Home Vegetable Gardening Guide referenced in class
Here is the web site for weed identification mentioned by Wendy.
Here is a composting site
This site was mentioned during the crop rotation presentation, however the specific article from Fall 2010 is no longer available to the public.
Here is a place to sign up for quarterly newsletter that I help edit.
Here is a portal to the Extension vegetable references on the internet
The Cabarrus County Cooperative extension website (with access to the Ask an Expert link)

My direct email

Again I pulled my maple sap collecting equipment by Feb 1. I rinsed it before storing it. I am calling this year's harvest about 5 gallons. My wife cooked some down until it was the consistency of corn syrup. It started crystallizing aroudn the edges almost immediately. She then used part of it for a pecan pie. Without a doubt this was the best pecan pie I ever ate. I am not sure what she did with the rest of the syrup/sugar. I cooks one small batch down to the sugar stage. I ate it as candy so it didn't get counted a part of the 5 gallons.