Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Maple Syrup harvest

This year we had a snow on Christmas night and I tapped my maple trees the next Monday December 27th. The first week there was a huge sap flow. I had over 3 gallons of syrup before the date I normally tapped my trees. I now have over 4 gallons total and hope the trees will continue flowing after this cold snap. I have heard that northerners call it a sugar snow when the snow is on the ground and the sap is running heavy. I am fairly certain it is the weather conditions and not the snow that makes the sap so prolific during that time. Here is the stove I use. I have it in an outbuilding because the house can't stand that much moisture. Out of 40 gallons needed for one gallon of syrup, I boil down about 38 gallons outside and then finish boiling off the last gallon inside. I have to boil it all day on the stove, but that is so much simpler than building a fire to boil it.

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