Monday, August 2, 2010

Blueberry picking

Once when we were kids, Dad drove us over to a swamp near Norman where we got to picking blueberries. We fill all our buckets and then emptied the 5 gallon water cooler and filled that. That was our first experience in that particular patch. There was Mom and several kids and I think we spend several hours at it. I guess we did fairly well given our inexperience and the berries we were picking.
The other afternoon, I left work and started picking my blueberries by 6 pm. I took a break and wound up watching close to 30 minutes of world news. I got started again and by 8:23 pm I had picked 5 gallons. I guess this is the most I have ever picked on my property. Friday I picked another 1and 3/4 gallons and guess I spend less than an hour doing it. Those sold for $4 a pint at the market.