Monday, July 6, 2009

Native Lily

This native lily was given to me by elderly lady from Concord named Clara (or perhaps Claris) who claimed here husband originally collected it from Montgomery County. In my last conversation with her, I had to inform her that the voles ate the bulb of the original and I had lost the lily, which really upset her. However, one of the little bubils came up near by. Then I accidently pulled that one up while weeding. But finally another bubil came up. Now I have it growing in 4 different spots. If Clara was around to see it, I think she would be pleased.

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B. Knox said...

And she'd probably be tickled to know that a division of that same lily she gave you has been blooming every July in Franklin County as well. When you pass along a good deed or a reliable plant, you might never know how far it will go.