Thursday, September 20, 2007

New land

Exciting time in the Goforth household. We just purchased 22 acres of land, complete with a creek, spring, old well, and old home site. Yesterday I met with the Forestry Service to discuss management of the forest. It has been clearcut for the most part so I don't need to worry about a timber basis. The well was covered by a piece of tin. First thing I did was cut some cedar from the property and construct a cover over the well so people couldn't fall in. I was surprized by how small the well was particularly toward the bottom. I couldn't have got down in it and whoever dug it couldn't have swung a mattock even if they were a midget. Not sure how they dug it. It was rocked up with quartz rocks all the way to the bottom. I'm sure it was a major effort in its day. My next project is cutting an access road. At first glance a person would say the house is without a doubt beyond repair. A closer look reveals that the first structure was a log cabin built in early 1800's. Then it was remodeled with timber and pegs typical of the late 1800's. The remodeled part has fallen in beyond repair but the log cabin part might be salvageable. I hope to get an expert to give me some advice about that.

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