Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Raised beds

So many people want to use timbers or stone to create raised beds. While timber or stone does look nice, they are expensive and are not necessary for many situations. These pictures show two examples of raised beds. The bare ground beds were created by hilling disk on a small farm, although I have created raised beds on about 1/4 that amount of land just using a shovel. These beds were only used for one year because the tractor mounted tiller was able to level them back down. The raised beds covered by ground cover (a woven polyethene product) were built by a shovel about 20 years prior to this picture. The woven fabric kept the rain from washing the beds flat.


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saintdeer said...

Hey David, Chef Derek here with BAckyard Bow Pro. I have been sending people to your memo's on food plots and hopefully they follow your instructions! We are heading out this weekend to get things going in Siler City on a 400 acre farm and planting on the creek bottoms. I may take some pics and send it to you since we are going with some of our seed mixes.
Thanks for the great info you post.